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Ok i give up, before i swap the stock radio lets see who can tell me what im doing wrong.
its a Becker 6003 deck w number keypad on right, Cd in trunk..USA model car. E 320.
Bought it used last week.
i have the code, the certificate card w serial and 5 digit code, i pulled the radio (with sawz-all blades yes indeed it worked) and code is written on it too. Dealer cannot verify they have NO code on file.
i am turning the key to on, and even running position.
from the radios keypad i enter the 5 digits, nothing,,,
tried entering 5 digits then press the round button on left.. nothing,
it continuously says CODE with C flashing.
Never seen it say anything else.. just code.
when i turn the ignition on its already saying code, unable to 'turn on radio' unless i'm doing that wrong too.
from dash display i get code error but unable to do anything from wheel controls.i just gotta figure this out any help pls advise.
Or should i just put in this newer Sony w all the aux and usb jacks? I really want bluetooth, and FM radio just sucks especially in Arizona!!

anyone got an owners manual they dont need hit me up.. thanks!!

:x"They make everything better in Germany" :x
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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