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2001 c320 front end alignment

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:surrender:I am a new member, having driven a 1986 190E 2.3 for about 10 years. Just bought an '01 C320 and the local repair shop just advised me they couldn't align it until $1,000 of new front end parts are replaced (double cost with labor), and that it was dangerous to not fix (wheel could collapse). He said most people dump their cars after about 80,000 mi. because of this kind or front end wear and the hassle of repairing/maintenancing them.

So, Does anyone know what parts should be replaced on the front end for ongoing prudent maintenance (and to restore alignment potential), about what they should cost, and if they require tools that local repair shops (or myself) do not have?

While alignment will be better with all the parts, I'm sure driving it as is for 6 months won't result in the wheels falling off, and the worst I'll see is uneven tire wear.

By the way, the battery drain problem popped up as soon as I bought the car, and per other posts describe, I successfully used a $0.37 connector to disconnect constant on power to the driver's seat - suddenly no battery drain problem!

Any comments are appreciated.