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2001 C240 Help please

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I am having issues with my 2001 C240 for the last couple of months and none in Vancouver can figure out what is wrong. There is a rough shaky idle and sluggish to very poor acceleration. Error codes P0300, P0304, P0306. MAF ||sensor is tested and reads good, fuel pressure is to spec, no engine vacuum leaks, ERG valve and controls function as they should. Mechanic replaced spark plugs and ignition wire. The car run fine for a month and today the check engine light came back and again the rough, shaky idle and sluggish acceleration is back. A previous mechanic that I saw said that one of the cylinders is mixing fuel with the oil. There is no smoke coming from the car... the car has only 1400 km.
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the car has only 1400 km.
Is this a typo? 1400 km in 10 years!

No wonder the car is complaining....:)
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