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2001 - C240 - "body kit" or "lowering springs"??

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Im getting my 2001 C240 delivered VERY shortly. Im just wondering if anyone has one they have lowered or put a body kit on?? please email me with info, PLEASE!<br><br>
I need to find a place that offers springs/kit that will drop it a little more than usual. ANY HELP??!!<br><br>
What about a body kit for these cars? anyone have one, maybe something that sits the big booty back end of it a little differently? I hate to say it, but the back end of these cars looks like a stinkbug stock.<br><br>
please email me pictures of your lowered or modified 2001 C class.<br><br>
THanks tons,<br><br>
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Pictures, check the galleries, as for springs, go to the wheel & tire forum and ask Luke....

Tirerack has the best prices I've seen
They have the AMG C32 kit for about 2200 at

Ask for Gaston. As for springs, I recommend Eibach's or AMGs. You'll probably get less hastle from the dealer for having AMG's. AMG's are made by Eibach, but i'm sure they have different spring rates than Eibach. I have AMG's on my SLK, and the ride is very good..not harsh...and you can lower the car more by changingout the spring pads.
Oh, price to lower is about $150-$200 for labor...

Springs will run from $240 (Eibach) to $340 (AMG). H&R lower more than the Eibach's or AMGs, but the ride tends to be stiffer.
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