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just brought my car to the dealer today for a diagnostic and i got the following faults that couldn't be eraised, they told me that the first fault is because the car need new glow/ heat plugs, then the second fault i need 4 new seat belts as the car was in a crash before, the third fault they told me that i need a new SAM and the last fault i need a new aircon pump and a new cooling fan! the total price to fix all of these was around: €2723 plus the labour which is unknown!

glow plugs =€80
front seat belts= €529 each
rear seat belt=€489 each
aircon pump=€545
cooling fan =€380

CDI 2 - Common Rail Diesel Injection---------------MB number 6111537379
AB - Airbag--------------------------MB number 0018209726
SAM-F - Signal acquisition and actuation module front----MB number 0025459301
C-AAC - Convenience automatic air conditioning------MB number 2038301785

can anyone out there tell me this is a joke and i don't need new seat belts and the rest!
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