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2000 S500 145K Rough Ride?


Hello fellow S500 owner's. My 2000 is a simply magnificient car. Yes it has its problems. In earlier days, men named there cars after women. Eleanor, Maybelline etc. Need I say more. We love em and Can't live without em. Well here's the problem I bought this car with 109K it was maintained by the dealer, whatever it needed it got. Well it gave me 2 years and now I'm giving back. Tuneup with wires $900.00, leaky shock $1400.00 with labor, air pump $500.00, Lower control arms $750.00. I have a very understanding mechanic, he really does try to save me money. I am sure this car will go to 250 K easily. But it needs new parts from time to time and they are ridiculous in price!! So heres my 2 part question. Are after market parts an option!! Which manufacturers are best. Secondly this car no longer takes the bumps well. Which parts are critical to a smooth ride. The airmatic system is fine with NO leaks. What's next Upper control arms? various bushings??? I brought it to the dealer he gave me a laundry list, which tells me he wants to replace everything and doesn't really know what the problem is?? I feel the problem is front and back, its just not smooth anymore it hits hard after a significant bump, even a rattle in the back like something in the trunk! Weird

Thanks too all

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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