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It can be difficult to diagnose which control arm bushings have play, even on a lift. As the 20 rear control arm bushings (5 links per side) age, the slop gets magnified. The good news is that on ebay you can by rear link kits that replace them all for less than $500. You can even do it youself. I'd probably do them all and forget it rather than try the hit and miss routine.

One side note, I was convinced of a rear bushing issue and then found it was an alignment problem. My rear end would skip to the side over bumps and in the rain. After two alignments with "computer print-outs" showed it was in spec, I used the string method to find I had 5+ degrees rear toe! Turns out the NTB punks did not really even hook up the alignment machine but just aimed the rears at the fronts. That might work except I have staggered tires with a wider rear end. I re -adjusted to only minimal toe and all problems are gone. My rear tires stopped wearing like crazy as well.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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