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Hoping to get some ideas on what may be causing this issue. The issue does not happen consistently and I was not able to recreate it for my mechanic.

The issue is while at a standstill or when first starting the car, after shifting in Drive and starting to drive, the car gets stuck in 1st gear - so it's really dangerous when stopped at a traffic light..I have to slowly roll the car stuck in 1st and find a shoulder to stop, turn the engine off and restart the car. Sometimes I need to restart the engine twice before the issue goes away.

Important to note that when this happens, the shift knob only goes from Drive to Neutral and back, it won't allow me to put it in Reverse or Parking. Also, no errors appear on the dash display - except lately I noticed that when the issue happens the display where it usually shows the drive mode & time goes black.

The mechanic shows no error codes when checking the car.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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