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December 2004 I took the car to the Stealership for a 35K service and some more... They did mention they rotated the tires and did a brake inspection.

Drive out of the place and noticed a high-pitched sound while the car rolls(no gas applied) - noticed it also on turns and while applying brakes and finally while reversing and applying brakes. I thought no biggie must be temporary or the weather - it will go. Never did! Was busy travelling etc. never was able to take it back in immediately up until now.

So I took the car in this week to the Stealership for my non-starting A/C (see previous post) and mentioned the problem occured as soon as I drove out the last time. He said while rotating tires and brakes inspection nothing is actually touched at the brakes level and it could be purely coincidental. Wanted to charge me an additional "inspection" fee. They charge $100+ an hour. After griping about the situation they inspected it Free! and said the brake shoes and everything are in "perfect" condition - the high pitched noise was due to the lack of some "compound" or decrease in it's quantity. The charge to apply the stuff would be $220 minimum. I joked and told him what if I spray WD40 ~ he didn't get it and said "try it may work" with all the other crap that gets in there when you drive - this won't harm it. He "kinda" pointed where it should go and said do it from outside and inside behind the wheel. Which ofcourse I didn't quite understand. It was too late so I left without them getting to it.

I very sparingly sprayed the WD40 this AM just from outside, all over the bulging black/silver area on the wheel and drove it - the high pitched sound is GONE! 99% - LOL!

I do hear it very slightly and only sometimes(not noticeable) - I haven't even done it from the inside.

The question is do you guys have any take on this?
Will it screw up anything? (so much for my trust in stealerships)
On the brakes interior/exterior where do you think it will help the most? Any pics, diagram anything would be appreciated.

Thanks again for reading and commenting. More stealership stories to follow ....
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