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Hello there, I bought 2000 S430 and its missing cd changer and amplifire out of trunk so needless to say I have no sound. Long story short I bought an amp from Craiglist and it did work in his car as we tried it. Part number is 220 820 02 89 and was manufactured in 2000. Now when I go to install it it has two outlets, 1 big and one small but wiring from my trunk has couple of more plugs left no where to plug and they all have little note on em saying AMP...something. Needless to mention even after plugged in I still have no sound....pls help!!!

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Welcome to the forum.

Check the phone bulletin for your car at Phone Bulletins - it will help you locate connectors. I have not checked the part number of the amp you bought, I just hope it was the right one.

Also, you will either have to replace the CD changer or place a bypass loop on its fiber optic connector. If your fiber optic loop is left open, nothing will work on it. See especially post #8. The fiber optic loop is also discussed in the phone bulletin.

Since you are new to the S-Class and to the forum, see - you may find it helpful.
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