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2000 ML430 P0141 and P0161

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Hello, I am still a n00b here. Just a quick question.

Currently own a 2000 Mercedes ML430 and I keep popping P0141 and P0161 Codes. From what I have read it's the rear (downstream?) 02 sensors. I'm pretty sure I replaced them and more than likely am running the wrong bosch part numbers. Can someone verify the part numbers for the rear for me for the 2000 ML430?

On a side note my EVAP and SIP monitors are not stating ready after driving the vehicle for quite some time. Is this at all related to the CEL for the 02 sensors? Or should I replace the SIP and smoke test the EVAP system for leaks? (Gas Cap seal looks good ;-)

Thank you for any and all help it is much obliged.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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