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2000 ML320 left rear tire assembly noise

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I am running a 2000 ML320 which has a rubbing noise in the back left tire assembly. i think the problem is with the rear axle or possibally the brake caliper / brake system. Has anybody had this problem or does anybody have any tips or suggestions about the problem. Any information would be great.
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witek, could you be more specific? because of all the repair jobs on the vehicle, all that i have done with my own tools and in my garage, the price of repair has been consistently less than if it were to be done by the shop. Could you explain what special tools are needed and what they are needed for?
What Witek was trying to say was that you need a very large and robust tool to remove the hub from the bearing/knuckle, as shown in the last page of the pdf. Buying the tool would be counterproductive, so the alternative is to remove the assembly yourself and then have a machine shop handle the R&I of the bearing.


1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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