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2000 ML320 left rear tire assembly noise

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I am running a 2000 ML320 which has a rubbing noise in the back left tire assembly. i think the problem is with the rear axle or possibally the brake caliper / brake system. Has anybody had this problem or does anybody have any tips or suggestions about the problem. Any information would be great.
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phonenix, as Witek said above, you have to give more info about the type of noise you are hearing.

Rear caliper may be sticking. After driving a short while, does any one of the wheels lot hotter than the other 3 wheels? If so, the caliper in that wheel must be sticking. Or, check the thickness of the rear brake pads. Is one side pad worn more than the other side?
phoenix8592, how many miles on your 2000 ML?
Sorry, I can't help you with the process of removal and installation of a wheel bearing; I've never had to replace on my '98ML320 with 160K miles.

Witek or 43sqd may be able to give you the procedure/steps.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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