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2000 ML320 left rear tire assembly noise

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I am running a 2000 ML320 which has a rubbing noise in the back left tire assembly. i think the problem is with the rear axle or possibally the brake caliper / brake system. Has anybody had this problem or does anybody have any tips or suggestions about the problem. Any information would be great.
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well after more examination of the wheel assembly it turns out that the wheel bearing has gone bad and worn out... creating the noise. I know the process of replacing the part and such, but was wondering if other people out there had any advice for the removal of the bad bearing or the instillation of the new one?
witek, could you be more specific? because of all the repair jobs on the vehicle, all that i have done with my own tools and in my garage, the price of repair has been consistently less than if it were to be done by the shop. Could you explain what special tools are needed and what they are needed for?
Thank you everyone for the input.

And Especially 43sqd for the input and scematic. This will prove very userful.

I will photo and document our efforts and post results.

Greetings Witek and 43sqd:

I have removed the brake caliper and parking break components. Is the next step to pull the rear axle shaft flange? I see many posting about removing the drive shaft -- how is the accomplished?
Hi Witek M -- thanks for the additional information -- and quick response!

As I examine this further, I'm getting the sense i should let a shop tackle this. Per your earlier email, I hate to remove the wheel carrier and damange ball joints and I certainly to note need to add some of these specialty tools to my collection. Do you have any sense how much benz whill remove from my bank account to complete this work?

1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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