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2000 mercedes w220 can bus issue
Hey guys listen I got this 2000 mercedes w220 in limp mode 2nd after 1min of normal driving to verify my neighbors complaint Yes its stuck in limp mode along with fuel limeter so I tried to pull codes and there is a communication error! my scanner is a snap on solus pro with all the personality keys prompted by the scanner, and still no communication with any modules on the menu, so I tried global obd2 and a very slowly it comes back with po715 its has a 104k also on thee odometer there's 3 malfunctions abs/bas, electronic stability control, and coolant level,
Knowing I'm already changing the conductor plate and the brakes light switch, the tcm connector is dry. but I also knew I would need to clear codes after replacing those two items, ok so with out being able to access any of the vehicles modules directly ... I tried to think logically I know I'm having a communication issue with this vehicle, I noticed that some genius installed a double din Kenwood dvd player and simply unpluged all the radio connections and the fiber optic connection question 1) is this the likely cause of the issue with the no communication error? 2)if so is the only solution to replace with a compatible command or is the problem likely elsewhere. 3)will the solus pro be able connect to affected modules. Once Comm error is rectified
Thxs for reading! all replies appreciated

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Radio shouldn't cause issues with CAN, provided there is not shorted original Wiring.

There are 2 Can Buses on this Car, Body and Powertrain.
I have Solus Ultra Pro in my Workshop, which whilst it isn't as good as my SDS Machines it does access most Modules, especially all the Powertrain and important Body related stuff.

There is a Training Document on here all about the CAN Buses, likely in our Encyclopaedia, which will explain how to test it.

A session on SDS might prove worthwhile with a good operator who knows these Cars, (that rules out most Dealerships lol), because SDS uses other lines to communicate with Modules as well as CAN Com, I think Snap On will possibly be just via CAN ;)

Another thing I always check with Comm Errors is relevant Fuses, including the not so well documented PRE Fuses, a drop out of power supply to certain things like EIS, CGW (if fitted), etc can cause "No Comm".

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