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2000 MCS Trade for 2002 MCS??

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Does anyone out there have a 2000 MCS that they would be willing to trade for a 2002 MCS?

I bought a 2002 MCS from Ebay and it works fine, but after I bought it and checking out past posts in the forum I realize that my non fibre changer wont work with this model.

If anyone has one they would like to sell, I would be interested as well. If I cant find anyone who will trade, Ill just resell it on ebay and buy a 2000.
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or you could get a f/o cd changer, sell your cd changer, and run a f/o cable.
I thought about that but couldnt find any DIY publications in the forum about running f/o cable.

Is that a tricky run?

I'm just about to do a fiber optic changer swap with a non fiber one as well with Nav. It's gonna be a LOT of work but I'm taking it on as a project as that is what is gonna be after talkin to UnCal. Read his thread on it... very time consuming and $$$ ... so decide for yourself... if U pretty much just want plug and play and away U go Nav... then U may want to consider sellin what you got to get a non fiber MCS unit. Remember you will still need the Euro parts listed in Benza's retrofit. Any questions give me a jingle and I will help if I can... cheers
Thanks for the input Goat.

I actually found a salvage yard today that had a 2000 MCS in great condition for a good price, so I'm going to buy that. I figure the retrofit with NAV will be enough work without having to change out the changer as well.
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