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Need a driver's side lower seat cover - over time leather was overconditioned and its top finish seems to be wearing - the leather graining in spots seems too smooth and its seems gummy. Tried removing the conditioner that soaked into the top pad but I think the leather feels way to soft or even thin. I'm convinced its beyond hope. Dealer quoted about 480 for the cover which if its perfect and is the same quality as the passenger it will keep the value/appearance up.

Normally wouldn't replace it but I'm planning on keeping the car for another two years and the rest of the interior/exterior is flawless - car only has 55k. The lower cushion seems fine but until I pull the cover off the top fibremat may be bad as well. Know you can't replace just the mat as its integrated into the foam cushion.

Anyone have a OEM parts source that would be cheaper?
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