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2000 cl500 only drivers window working

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New to me car, just wanna get the windows up
Fuses etc all seem fine.
Did a quick search, nothing seems to work.
Ideas please
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thank you Calgary from the North West Kootenays (Kootenay Lake) 80 miles as the crow flies to you.
as the door articulation. So power still feeding drivers door.
While I am in there, should I....__?
True, I work as a guide on the Horse for about 20 years, and other rivers.
Driving most days through the canyon, and I never even heard of an accident. Why this crazy project that has taken 4 lives so far. and who knows how good and safe it is, its on a tectonic plate (the old Pacific coast).

I will have a crack at the door wiring, thank You!
That was the ”plan”. Earl Grey Pass was the answer. Though, I would recon (having traveled, sailed most of the world) some of the nicest high country on the Planet!
Suppose like some vehicles, a new door harness….hum $800?
Update, as the guy I bought it from complained of the window. Now I see the steering doesnt lock.
A quick read, seems this is a bigger problem.
I gave him a bit less money because. Likely not enough.
On the upside, it has some lorinser bits, likely body and exhaust. But I haven’t got it up in the air yet.
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Still haven't had success. Car starts every now and again.
Ordered new key, as the one had some broken bits on the end. Didn't do the trick.
So I am guessing I need to send the Electronic Ignition System where the key goes needs to be re-soldered.
Hoping for comments please.
Kind Regards
1 - 7 of 11 Posts
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