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I have a 2000 C280 that began having intermittent starting problems a while back. The problem has gotten much worse and now the car is almost un-drivable.

The car has the 2000 vintage all black 3 button FOB for a key. Normally when the key is placed in the ignition a whooshing sound unlocks the ignition and allows the key to be turned. My problem is that the key only unlocks the ignition every once in a while (meaning you have to keep putting the key in and out of the ignition until you hear that unlocking sound...and then the car starts fine).

So far, I have replaced the key FOB batteries. I tried re-syncing the key to the car (push 5 times procedure) and also tried swapping in a new car battery. None of this has made any difference. I only have 1 carkey (since my son dropped the second in the harbor) so I can't try the obvious "try the other key" troubleshooting method.

I will go to the dealer if I have to but I'm also willing to try a few ideas if anyone has suggestions. Should I buy a new key from ebay and have the dealer program it to the car? Should I think about replacing the ignition unit on the dashboard?

Thanks for reading.....keep_it_running

Sorry for placing the post here....newbie mistake....mods, delete if needed since I reposted in correct place
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