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2000 ///AMG E55 Vs. 1999 E36 M3 vs. ETC.

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Hello everyone i am in the market for buying a car... but there are alot of choices... sofar in my head i thought about a 2000 E55 AMG, E36 m3, E46 m3(lots of money, thats a negative)or maybe even a VW R32..

Please help me and tell me some information about these cars.

Some information about the cars that i know is....
E55-- 350 HP, around 340lb torque, 0-60 4.8, and 1/4mile 13.3
M3 E36-- 240 HP, 0-60 5.5 sec, 1/4miles 14.5
R32--240HP(180) 0-60 6.2 sec, 1/4mile 14.5

I like the E55 alot but its automatic, thats a downside to its sportness.. and high performance engine.. did AMG have a special transmission chip for faster shifting...
I would think with such a fast 0-60 and a fast 1/4mile it would be a luxury to drive... with some SPEED.

I liked the r32 but my dad said it does not fit me.. its a VOLKS WAGEN (FOLKS CAR),people car, it is too regular

The E46 M3 is porbably out of the question...

p.s. haha what about a 1997 BMW 850ci.. its a nice car... huge engine,,, im not sure if it manual... but it has an ugly interior (old)

thanks keep me posted
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In my opinion, the 00e55 is a refined gentlemans V-8 torquie hotrod, very subtle, smooth, deceptively powerful, detailed, classy.
If the e55 was booze it's like a really nice glass of red wine but has the kick of hard stuff if your not careful.
The M3 is more of young mans german hotrod. Smaller, manual shift, stiffer riding, higher winding 6 banger. If the M3 was booze it would be like peppermint snops... an in your face sweet liqueor with a kick.

Young people and many others will generally think the M3 is way cooler cause its a BMW and not a daddy like stuffy Mercedes.

FYI: (little do young-ens know and that is fine with us 55 owners)
850ci, V12 powered!! The 8 series was a miserable failure for BMW though, which is why they dropped the line in 1998, if I recall correctly. It is amazing to me how pityfull the output of some of BMWs past V12s!! It seemed like everytime they introduced a new v8 engine, it matched the output of the former v12. For example early 90s 750il, about 280 hp, e38 4.4liter v8 282 hp. E38 750il 322 hp, E65 v8 325 hp. 850ci does have a very old looking interior, and from what I hear they are terribly unreliable. I would definently go with the e55 though. The US version of the e36 m3 is a waste of time in my opinion. All the emissions regulations watered down the engine, making it not even worth it to me.
The US versions of the M3's are horrid, the R32 will lose all of its value 30 seconds after it leaves the showroom. So the only logical chioce is a used E55,... which is a good thing.

A choice you will not regret[;)]
Alright, I need to respond to this.
Do you want a diplomat car or a seriously fast import? The E55 is awesome if you want a good looking, quiet/subtle car.
The R32 does have good resale value. Maybe not in the black book, but in the real world it does. There is something about all wheel drive. This car is just too slow for my taste.

The E36 M3 is okay, but you need to do some work to make it competitive...

Now, if you want a real car that you can drive every day, look at the Subaru STI (only drawback is the functional wing). If you want to tone it down a little, look at a Legacy GT (excellent quality interior).

If you want a sleeper that is a little more sporty then the E55, look at an S-4 (2000-2002). Just chipping the car can get you close to 50hp and 50-60 tq.

If you want a no compromise automobile that will hurt a lot of feelings on the street, get an Mitsubishi Evo (GSR or MR)... it's just a bit aggressive in appearance... [:p] Just make sure to flash the chip.

That's just my 2 cents. I've driven all of these cars (and I own an Evo and a E55). You need to do the same and then make a decision for yourself.
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