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20" rims for the R171

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The German Company MAE Autodesign has new wheels for the SLK. 11,5x20 with 285/25-20 for the rear and 9,5x19 with 255/30-19 for the front. How about that [:)]
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Bigger rims fit the new SLK better, then they did the old one.

Whilst 17" was pretty much the "largest" you should have gone with in the R170, I think 19" is the largest one should go with the R171.

20" might look good, but the ride might suffer too much...

My R171 has 17" Brabus rims, which gave it one he11 of a look, but coupled with the lowered ride, it was a tad uncomfortable at times. My 55 has 18" rims, and whilst it feels better then my R170, I dare not think how it would feel once you increased rim size.
I've ordered the same setup as the 55 F1 safety car, 19's. I would never go to 20's on this car. I have it on my 2003 SL and I wouldn't do it over. I don't think the front tires look appealing, the wheels are not attractive IMHO, and the ride would surely suffer up here in Chitown. I guarantee you the wheels will rub on that setup.
These are the ugliest wheels that I have seen on an SLK. IMHO
I like my Ten Spokes better, and I didn't have to spend an extra dime.

Roberta - 2/8/2005 3:40 PM

I like my Ten Spokes better, and I didn't have to spend an extra dime.

Me, too, Roberta. Like the Ten Spokes and I don't even have them yet (but only 1 more week, I hope)!
Speaking of the 10 spoke wheels, I washed my car this weekend and I used a soft 2" paint brush on the wheels. It was fairly easy to clean them even though they are a complex pattern.
They are times when too much of a good thing is well...TOO MUCH!!!
I found a brush at Wal-Mart (auto car wash section) that is very soft and has a rubber bumper edge on it. It also worked well for my wheels. The bristles are soft and about 2" long, so they reach in the little nooks and crannies. The rubber bumper keeps the brush handle from dinging things up. You can really load it up with suds.

Hang in there, Malibuite!! It'll be the ride of your life and you will love it!!![:)][:)][:)]

I need to find a brush like that for my rims too... My multispoke rims take AGES to clean, thanks to the 16 spokes on it... argh...

But I do like how they look =) Gives a classic look most rims these days miss...
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