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Hey i thought you might be intrested in some Lowenhart LSR wheels i have for sale. Take a look at the pics and make me an offer they are 20x9 in the front and 20x11 in the back. There is a 2 inch lip in the front and a big 4 inch lip in the back. These wheels retail for $1500 each. I paid a over $7800 for wheels and tires together.Very expensive and high quality build rims. I am selling the wheels with tires. The tires are fairley new they have more than 85% thread left on them. They are Continental ContiSport2 tires, 255-30-20 in the front and 305-25-20 in the back. I am only selling 3 wheels and 3 tires. One of them was badly damaged due to my driving conditions here in the LA area. So i threw it away and decided that 20's aren't for me because of the roads in my area and my driving conditions. Also two of the front wheels are slightly bent but i had a wheel shop here in La take a look at it they said they will fix the front bend for $400 (because they have to rechrome the wheel after fixing it)and the back bent for $100. The front bent isn't really a bent it looks like it is but it doesn't leave any air out of the tire so its not going to be a problem if you dont fix it you can still drive it like that if it doesn't bother you. Take a look at the last pic you will see. If you have any questions or anything pm me and i will get back. Very high quality 3 pieace wheels. I would have fixed them and kept them for my self but i hate the roads here in LA too many potholes and i dont want to end up bending them agian. So i decided the most ill put on my car is 19's since im a fast driver. Offer me a price for the wheels and tires if intrested.

Close up pics of wheels:

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