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Vito 115 4x4
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Last week 1st malfunction appeared on the screen of my 115 4x4
Front left sidelamp. Amazed for such a detail checked and it was true, small 5w lamp didn’t light up. Paid no attention to it since all my driving is done with constant lighting, postponing fixing it as of minor importance.
This morning during some off-roading and after a take off and harsh landing and scraping of a couple of largish stones, little screen turned red, bright red and read “Reduce Oil level” Panic panic panic and emergency stop not sure what the message was all about.
Left the motor running while I crawled underneath checking for some giant pool of oil to no avail. Stopped engine checked for leaks again checked dip stick and everything was in order.
Gathering up courage started motor again and by magic both malfunctions cured themselves.
Done some collective thinking and deduced that oil splattering all over the oil pan caused computer to tell a lie. And banging it over stones tightened a loose bulb that is miraciously working again.
Any such experience on your part???
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