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2001 A170 CDi. '87 BMW 320i. '95 Eagle SS Kit car, '99 Suzuki AN400X
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It seems I am in a rather popular group of people who have the 'in betweeny' W168 facelift model and over the last 10 years or so have wanted to upgrade from the single din radio and CD rack to a 2 din radio but cannot find a suitable fascia trim. it seems chopping up the current trim after popping out the CD box leaves a gap and doesn't look very nice and while there are lots of trims for later w168 and earlier pre-facelift W168 and W169 and Vito and C class there is nothing for the W168 facelift model.


I may have to end up making one from fiber glass using the OEM one as a guide.

Also a converter cable from FAKRA to SMA is needed for the GPS and an ISO to Motorola for the radio antenna.

As to what one does with the third ISO connector (Can bus?) that is above the other 2 ISO blocks on the Becker Audio30APS, I have no idea.

So has anyone over the last 12 years or so found a decent fascia trim?

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Four years ago I bought a C-Class facia, and had to file off a fair bit, but it worked out OK, I think. I do not like to have my SatNav all the way down the central console (you can see my Garmin on top of the dash here), so the double-DIN I selected came without this option, which also meant it runs a lot cooler. Despite being a budget model/make, not a single problem in nearly 4 years of operation. Perfect reversing cam handling too.

These were taken soon after install (old half-leather interior is now gone ;) and replaced with a full leather one, and the iPhone gone up a few digits, but the holder of the phone console is still the same):

And this is it today:

You can see a custom-made mini-USB 32GB stick in some of the pics (top left-hand side of the unit) - I transplanted the insides of a small USB flash drive into a mini-USB adapter, so I can plug it directly into head unit port.

Don't have a link to C-Class double-DIN facia anymore, but it was similar to this one: Connect2 C-Class Not a perfect fit, like I said, it required a little work, but at least the end result doesn't look like the trim between single DIN sections been cut off...

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2001 A170 CDi. '87 BMW 320i. '95 Eagle SS Kit car, '99 Suzuki AN400X
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Thanks for the info, I have read on some older threads about trimming a C class fascia to facelift an A, then I though if I am going to have to work on a C trim I might as well make a complete one from a sheet of 3mm plastic, acrylic or ABS using the OEM as a template, but at under a fiver per A5 sheet its possible to bugger it up a few times and still come out a lot less than a trim.

The hole on my 6.2" radio is 178 x 100 but I would like to set it back a bit so only the inner bezel shows like yours.
I see you have a 'filler trim' around your screen, I aim to have it just like that but one piece.
I have a substantial 2 DIN cage that I can fit in first.

I also have the same OEM phone bracket but at the moment I have a Parrot CK 1310 on it with a twin USB charger socket above. I will be moving the socket to the side of the console where there is a cable hole under the bracket now and the radio has bluetooth built in, so no need for external phone fittings, it stays in my pocket.

I'll keep it posted

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smart EQ W453 2020 sold A200 C169 2006
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I think you're spot on with this - if I had to do it again, I'd just get a single piece of "carbon fibre" ABS and cut one out, making sure it's thick enough to give a nice smooth bezel though. When I bought that C class facia, it was listed as W168-compatible ... LOL

Again, you're quite right re: position of the head unit - no idea why they all designed to stick out by half a metre, but I had to move the holding brackets forward by about 10mm, to sit the unit deeper in.

The KUDA phone console is a very good quality, real leather and a good match for the slate grey leather interior, and it wasn't expensive at all, however I only use it to hold my phone - didn't put in any charging / wiring at all. When I'm stationary, I can easily reach the screen, and when I'm on the move, a single glance will tell me who is calling, before I say "answer" ... or "ignore" as the case might be ;)

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2001 A170 CDi. '87 BMW 320i. '95 Eagle SS Kit car, '99 Suzuki AN400X
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2 din conversion on 1999 to 2004 facelift W168 A-class

Fitting a double DIN radio to a W168 pre 2004 facelift model.​

There are a couple of fitting kits available but expensive and getting rarer by the day.

This is the route I took on my 2001 A170 CDi. There are no side fittings for a cage or screws in the car so adapters that fit the frame and the radio will be needed.

You will need to source;
• one FRAKA to SMA adapter cable, if you have GPS, (Becker audio 30APS etc),
• A GPS card to suit the radio, IF it doesn’t come with one. (Best price,
• One DIN to ISO (Motorola) radio aerial adapter.
• A sheet of clean metal, alloy or steel. (I just bought a 12” x 14” tray in stainless steel for 3.50€ in a Chinese shop and used the flat center part but do not use flimsy stuff.),
• An A5 sheet of 3mm thick plastic (acrylic, vinyl or ABS) in a colour and finish of your choice.
• Some sheets of A4 paper,
• A fine point felt tip pen and a ruler,
• A pair of tin snips,
• A drill and bits,
• At least 8 of 5mm x 5mm screws

Using the correct keys, remove the radio, there are 5 connections, top one is two wires for the CAN bus GPS speedo connection and unless fitting a Mercedes Command unit it will not be needed, so just leave hanging, next two are standard ISO plugs for power and speakers. Next is the FRAKA GPS antenna (if fitted) and then the radio DIN button antenna connection.

Reach inside the radio aperture and you will feel a couple of lugs clipped to the back of the radio base, push these down and the CD holder will slide out.

At the bottom of the fascia trim panel you will see two small screws, remove these.

Gently pull the fascia trim panel away from the bottom heater controls and then down and away from the top, disconnect to two connectors from the switch panel and place the fascia trim panel to one side.

At the top corners are two larger screws, remove these and you can then pull the whole radio cage out leaving a large hole.

Retain and store the CD holder and cage for reinstalling should you later want to revert to OEM. Single DIN.

Now it gets interesting.​

Cut the A4 page down to 180mm wide then fold the paper across so it just fits in aperture side and cut the other part so it is just over half the width.

Draw a line about 2cm down the side, with the paper in place mark where the holes are in the top corner and bottom center and then make a 10mm tab around the top hole about 15mm long and tab about 20 wide by 15 deep for the bottom hole, cut away the access in between.

The radio chassis (not fascia) will be narrower than the opening so the adapter will need to sit away from the sides an equal amount to center the radio this achieved by the four tabs.

Metalwork part;
Open the paper out, this now your template and placing it on the metal, draw around it twice making two adapter plates.

Cut out shapes and smooth off, fold as per template, remember when folding you need a left and right mirror image.

Fit the adapters hard against the radio sides with some tape, using packing under the radio if needed to get the required height.

Mount the assembled radio and adapters in the opening and position it where you want it, some might like in the center, other towards the top. mark where the top and bottom screws are and the radios position in the adapters.

Remove the assembly and remove the adapters.

Drill the top and bottom mounting holes and trim the tabs so they fit the recces in the console.

Mark and drill four side holes to match the radios mounting points, (there are normally about 12 to choose from) these will need at least four screws per side and are 5mm x 5mm screws. As there is a gap down each side there is little need for countersinking the screws but you can if you want to.

Screw the radio into the two adapters and connect the ISO DIN plugs for power and speakers, fit the DIN to ISO antenna adapter for the aerial and connect the antenna, fit the FRAKA to SMA adapter and screw onto the GPS connection (if fitted).

Slide the whole unit into the console and fix with the two top screws, the bottom two also hold the fascia trim panel, so leave them for now.

Test and smile.

Now the tricky bit.

There are fascias that kind of fit in the console such as C class, Skoda and VW Jetta but none will fit both that and the radio perfectly especially if fitting a small faced radio such as a 6.2” or 6.95” fixed front units rather than the 7” tilting units, so the best thing is to make one.

Using the fascia trim panel that is still off the console, make a template that fits in the opening where the CD holder was. Then, using a ruler to get the position and size right, mark on that template where the radio screen will be and cut it out, check the fit and then transfer that to the A5 sheet of plastic and carefully cut out interior and exterior lines, trim to fit and smooth off the edges, you will then replace the fascia trim panel and switches as before (using the remaining two bottom screws) and then ‘fix’ the cut out just made over the radio using double sided tape or similar, as it is not ‘load bearing’ it just has to sit there without falling off.

Jobs done.
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