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My 2.6 is running rich. The exhaust smells rich (especially when cold) and a fuel vapor smell is entering the cabin. I need to check the cap and rotor (I suspect the cap and rotor are original), but the O2 sensor is new. Fuel economy is not great either (15-20mpg).

My question is, how do you adjust the mixture on this car? I know about the 3mm Allen screw and all, but is there a way to set it using a multimeter, hooked up to the CIS system? On my VW, with CIS-E, the mixture is set to a certain milliamp reading, as read at the differential pressure regulator on the side of the fuel distributor. What is the method for mixture adjustent on this 2.6? What temperature sensors help control the mixture? Is there a way to check those T.sensors?

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