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A few days ago i bought a 190e 2.6.
Built 12/91,
1st hand
every service from mercedes authorized workshop
every possible extra
silver-beige with beige leather

Ilove it, but the only thing ist that i am concerned about its comsuption.

I measured 14,5 liters/100km

I drive 50% town and 50% highway

Is this consumption normal???
It seems to high for me.
The catalog says about max. 12,5 liter.

What can i do to lower consumption, besides of
new plugs, new air-filter, good tires and the correct fume-level.


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190E 2.6 , 1996 E300
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Thats pretty high

Based on my calculations
thats 16.3 mpg! I keep close track of my consumption and I burn about 23 mpg
on a '91 190E 2.6 with 168000 miles
(207000 km).

Definitely have a complete tune up
(oil,air, fuel filters replaced) . At 107000km
you shouldn't need your wires changed, but
definitely check your plugs. Also around
175000 km look into your distributor cap/wires
and make sure they're OK. My guess is at least the distributor cap will be close to toast.

I'm no expert, just a proud owner.

good luck
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