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2.6 complete engine for sale

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i am doing a motor swap and will be puling out the 2.6 motor, automatic 4 speed transmission, wiring harness and ecu. all parts for sale, or trade. no resonable offers will be refused...mostly just need it gone. let me know if you need any parts. i have pictures and i will try to post them on here.

I have more pictuers if you need them...
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Just out of curiosity... What engine will you swap with?
i am swapping with a 1jzgte vvti engine and R-154 5 speed.
massively big pics...resize needed...can't even open timing out
massively big pics...resize needed...can't even open timing out
ok that should have fixed the large pictures....just changed to show the url instead of the image....
where are you located? Probably too far away, based on my luck lol
nashville, Tennessee.....but we have a branch office in ocala, florida that we ship to all the time.
I'd sure like to replace my 2.3 with that. I'd have to change the front springs though if I did.. A long with a ton of other stuff.

with yours being lowered already, that would be a safe bet. might scrub a bit...
had a guy come look at the engine today....sad thing is he wanted to pay me to put it in. i told him since his was a 4 cylinder that i would have to research to see how much wiring there was, plus i am still working on my swap. some people.....

I hate when people come and waste my time looking at stuff rather than just coming and buying it. I had a guy walk around an old truck I was selling for 10 minutes with his buddy and they were talking to each other but not talking to me. I said Hey, You want to buy it or what? Because you either buy or FLY! I drove 30 minutes to show him the truck at our ranch and it just pissed me off. He even told me on the phone "I'm serious about it! I want to come see it soon!"

Sorry for ranting.. Just reminded me of another idiot. I hope you get it sold to the next person who contacts you and looks at it.
got a call about 5 minutes ago and the guy wanted to know if it would fit in a 300...and asked if i knew how to change them out. now i hope i dont sound like a sh** when i ask this, but are people really affraid to work on their own car? i just tell them that i am going to have my hands full for the next 3 to 4 weeks and i cant even see that far in the future to try to help them with their car.
Do you want to part with the spark plug wires?
i can, but they are used....wouldnt you want a new set?
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