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2.6 Blown!!!!

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Hi everyone,,,, on the way to my friends house with his car (1987 mercedes 190e 2.6) His car overheated, i pulled over immediatley but it was too late,, the engine blew,,, Last week the car was in the shop for the head and radiator, this was supposed to fix the overheating, but when i was driving it today it overheated and this is what happened,,,,,,,,,,,,,, my next 2 questions are....<br>
Is the Mechanic responsible to fix it?<br>
and where can i find a used 2.6, for cheap!??????
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depends on what the mech told your friend. Did the car overheated while idling? did it overheated during driving over 40 mph? if the first, I'd suggest it was the fan switch, and if mech was not to replace it, then it's not his fault. if it's the second, then it probably is his fault. Did you make sure the car had coolant in the radiator? How fast were you going? when was the filter/oil changed? haw fast did it overheated and what was the temp and for how long before you pulled over?
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