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Good morning!
I trained in school and spent 19 years as an automotive technician. I've always been a car guy, primarily Fords. Many years ago, I went outside my norm and bought my wife a 2003 Jaguar XJ8. It was a dependable car and only failed me twice over 11 years, yet it always got back home under it's own power. We recently sold the old girl when I saw a 2009 Mercedes Benz CLS550. I really liked the interior of the car and it's lines were sleek too. After looking it over in the dealer lot while they were closed (wanted to avoid any over the shoulder salespeople), we came back when they were open and test drove. I've got to say, the power the car has is most impressive. It has every bell & whistle I could think of and few I've never seen. I'm still learning about all the controls on the vehicle, it luckily came with all manuals. I do have a concern or two I'll ask in the appropriate forum. Thanks for hosting this site.

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