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2002 ML320
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I joined the forum a few weeks ago, but never did say hi. Apologies. I've been a Benz fan most of my life, and this probably clouded my purchasing judgement with our recent buy.

I needed help from you guys almost straight away, as I bought a 2002 ML 320 with most of the regular 'irregularities'.

With your help I have replaced the propshaft support bearing, all the brake pads, revived the low range control and at least temporarily stopped the power steering reservoir leaking. All the fluids are new. (Mobil 1 0- in the engine thanks to advice on here.)

Now, with a couple of bulb replacements - oh and the rear wiper resistor, things are smoothing out. Apart from the rear diff now getting noisy..
So now I'm scanning any posts I can find with advice on diff repairs etc.

I should point out that the ML has covered 264000 kms, so it has done some work. But it has never towed anything, and the transmission and transfer case are quiet and smooth. The noise started about a month after the centre bearing replacement - becoming noticeably louder in the matter of a couple of drives. I've tried to eliminate other possibilities, (phantom wheel bearing noises etc) but it still sounds 'diffy'. I have a gradual increase in noise from around 60kmh, with a quiet but noticeable wowwing on the overrun around 40kmh.

Why would I buy an old ML? If you saw the rural New Brunswick roads and were a Mercedes fan, you would probably understand..

Thank you for your patience. I'll improve I promise.


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Welcome to Benzworld. Please complete your profile as this will help members give you the most accurate answer to your questions. Location is also important when we need to help you find parts etc. This forum is for introductions only and all questions should be posted on the appropriate sub forum for your car.
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