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1999 SLK230/ 2006 Passat/ 1995 Bronco (Prerunner)
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Ok. Well it seems I have had enough trouble free driving that now the car wants to act up.

I filled up the car sunday night (against everything I have heard while the truck was delivering). Then yesterday driving home in 100° weather the supercharger started turning on and off while driving on freeway and AC only blew at about 80°F. The car runs fine and shifts fine but has no power. I figured it was bad gas so I dumped a bottle of Lucas octane booster in it and topped off at chevron. Took it on freeway for about 10 miles and charger came on and ran GREAT and AC dropped to 50+°F. Got off freeway, shut off and turned on and check engine light cleared. Drove home and parked it and this morning check engine light is on again with BAS/ESP light and charger is intermittant. Any ideas???

Also, last week a few times the BAS/ESP light came on but the charger never acted up. friend should be dropping off his OBDII scanner tomorrow for codes.
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