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I hope someone can help me with this issue: I am considering the purchase of a 1999 SL600 that has the SL2 package and I am trying to determine if it has the SL1 package as well. On the left and right front fender there is a badge with "SPORT" on it. The reason I am wanting to know this is the car currently has some funky aftermarket wheels and tires and I want to replace them with whatever were on the car originally. I have been told if the car has the SL1 SPORT package then the stock wheels should have been the 18x 8.0 on the front and the 18X 9.0 on the rear, both being the Monoblock type wheel. It appears from one of the photos the seller sent to me it has a black painted steel wheel on the spare tire just like my 1999 SL500 has. My SL500 does not have the SPORT package and has the 17 inch Monoblock wheels. Could this car have had the 17 inch wheels? Unfortunately there is no window sticker which would list the options.



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SL500 Package Options

SL1 Sport Package ($4,970)

AMG designed sculpted lower body aerodynamic enhancements, to include:
Front apron with mesh air intake
Contoured rear apron
Sculpted side skirts with Sport emblems
Halogen projector-beam front foglamps
245/40ZR18 front and 275/35ZR18 rear, low profile high-performance tires.
8.5Jx18" front and 9.5Jx18" rear, staggered-width AMG 5 spoke monoblock alloy wheels.
Front offset 25mm & Rear offset 23mm, with 5x112 bolt pattern.

Note: Suspension and steering calibrations are unchanged by the Sport Package.

SL2 Value Added Package ($1,795)

Xenon headlights w/ automatic level control w/o headlight washer/wiper.
Integrated trunk-mounted 6-Disc CD changer.
Heated Seats.
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