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1999 SL280 Tonneau Cover Slow To Raise - Feels Heavy

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Hello all. I have been been speaking with Klaus at Top Hydraulics and he has asked me to post here.

I have recently purchased a 1999 SL280 with 67000 miles on the clock. The Tonneau Cover is slow to raise. I checked the Hydraulics and there are no leaks whatsoever.

When I raise the Tonneau Cover by hand it feels heavier than my friends 1997 SL320 with 99000 miles. We are considering swapping the Hydraulics over as it seems straightforward.

I have noticed that on one side (USA drivers side) there is a Black Strut. Does this move like a piston or is it solid all the way through?

I have lubed the working parts with WD40 and it felt easier to raise up. I could not try it out with the switch as I think I have drained the battery somewhat as the Red Switch blinks. Battery is on charge so hopefully I can test it tomorrow.

If it does not improve then I'll look at swapping the Hydraulics over but I'd like to know if I need to swap the Black Strut over also?

Thanks in advance,

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WD 40 is not a good lube, it'll wash out whatever lube remains and make it worse. I don't know what MB recommends but I'd use a light machine oil.

Keep the engine running while operating the soft top, saves the battery and gives you a couple more volts.
It'll be fine :grin just re-oil or maybe a dab of some light grease. Someone will come along soon with some recommended lube but if nothing else some 3 in 1 would do the trick.

Where abouts are you?
No just a private owner, I'm in Warwickshire, let me know if you need a hand with anything. I've not used them but Mercworld (Nuneaton) have a good reputation. :grin
Sounds like low battery was the trouble all along, the soft-top's working okay nowand in sync. :wink

The low battery could have caused you're SRS light as well, try a re-set you'll need a dealer with star for this.

Keep an eye on the battery a failing battery can cause all sorts of problems.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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