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1999 s420 trunk lid, locks not working

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Hi guys,
I opened the trunk the other day and it will not close anymore, also my doors will not lock automatically. I searched the forum and found tons of info but I 'm still confused on which pump I might need to replace. My door close assist still works and headrests work. I have to slam the trunk really hard in order to close it, the trunk closing assist does not work. I have checked the related fuses and all are fine. When I press lock or unlock on the fob, the outside lights turn on but the locks themselves do not go up or down, any help is greatly appreciated.
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If your door close assist works so does your PSE pump but it might be getting weak. Try tracing the hoses (looking for a disconnect or a leak) beginning at the pump. Mine is underneath the rear seat cushion.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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