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Okay guys. Need some advice. I'm looking to buy a CLK430 within the next couple of weeks. Have been looking everywhere. Autotrader, Starmark, locally, etc. I'm confused. Should I go with a 1999 with 25-30K miles on it for $40-43K or a 2000 model with 20K or less on miles. I know with the 2000's you get all services covered under warranty. Also is Starmark a good option to get? What's the biggest difference between 1999 & 2000. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.<br>

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New standard equipment for the 2000 CLK includes Touch Shift, TeleAid and Electronic Stability Programming (ESP). Also the COMAND option was available on 2000 models.<p>

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6 month ago...i bought my 01' Clk 430 for $44500 from a private owner. Alot people thought that i...

<br> pay to much for it in the Slk forum But the true is that you can't even buy a 00' model for that prices. My car is 01' clk 430 silver with only 14000 miles with K3.<p>

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'99 CLK 430
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CLK 430 '99 or '00

I just concluded a deal from a private owner for a '99 CLK 430 (RED) for $27.5k with 39k miles and I bought a 100k 4 year extended warranty for $2.8k
Add about 7 to 1000 dollars for tires in the immediate future.

It includes the K3 package plus the trunk installed 6CD changer.

A 2000 model CLk will run out of warranty in less than a year so if you're looking at free servicing etc. there's not much you will get. In my case the warranty ran out a week after I got it (in service date not miles) but luckily I had got the car inspected at MB in Houston for 200 bucks (buyers inspection) and they did some minor repairs (power steering hose replaced and harmonic balancer replaced) under warranty.

Basically it sounds like anything more than 35-37k for a'99 CLK 430 which is pre-owned certitifed by MB would be too much in my opinion.

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