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1999 ML430 lost only key dealer wants $350???

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Yep, lost my one and only key to the ML430. Called the dealer and she says i have to have my Merc towed there (how they do that when i cant get it out of Park is beyond me). So, i have to have it towed, bring my Title, registration and ID. She said they can order the key will take less than 24 hours and they program it and im good to go.

Certainly there has to be a cheaper way and a way i dont have to tow my freaking vehicle?? Please.
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Insert a pencil through the small flap adjacent to the "D" on your shifter. When you hit the right spot, you can move the stick out of Park.

Instructions are in your owner's manual.
The OP has a 1999 ML and does not have the emergency selector lever release. That feature came with the advent of the 2000MY
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