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1999 ML430 lost only key dealer wants $350???

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Yep, lost my one and only key to the ML430. Called the dealer and she says i have to have my Merc towed there (how they do that when i cant get it out of Park is beyond me). So, i have to have it towed, bring my Title, registration and ID. She said they can order the key will take less than 24 hours and they program it and im good to go.

Certainly there has to be a cheaper way and a way i dont have to tow my freaking vehicle?? Please.
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Don't waste your money to the dealership. Find a used car dealership (I hope you have a friend who is a dealer) Tell him to take the car to one of the auctions he works or tell him to call a locksmith if he uses any. Before doing this buy a used key fob and a blank key so locksmiths at the auction or at the dealer can cut your blank and reprogram the used key fob which will cost you around $80. That's what used car dealers and auctions do everyday because there is a lost key everyday.
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