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1999 E430 Key Won't Come Out & Car Won't Start After Accident

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My E430 was front ended and the car won't start now, key won't come out of the ignition. It really doesn't look like the engine has moved from the impact but thats the only thing I can think of, I need ideas basically, if anyone knows anything I'd love to hear it. I'll post up pics of the damage tomorrow if it helps diagnose it
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I am ok seeing as I wasn't the one who crashed it ;) it was my grandfathers car, he crashed it but he is fine (this is a mercedes of course safest car on the road!) and he just ordered a 2014 E550 and gave this to me to fix up as a project.

I haven't looked into it much further since my post the other day but I'm in agreement that it must have to do with the shifter.
The car won't go into drive and while the lever can be put into park it doesn't actually put the car in park, and you can't take the key out till it's in park...

By the way can you check if your car goes into drive without the engine on? And also if you don't mind see if it starts in neutral or just park. Thanks

According to my research this car doesn't have a coaxial cable to the lever like the C class you linked to, but thanks anyway for the link
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Don't say things before you know the facts, he bought the car new and BABIED the shit out of it:
-64k original miles
-never in snow and barely driven in winter at all
-the entire body of the car had not a single door ding scratch scuff or flaw of any kind, with the exception of a chip the size of a pen tip
-interior looks never sat in, literally could pass for new in any showroom
-not one curb was ever hit by the wheels
-tires have full tread and the tank was literally filled with 93 2 miles before the accident

Now, I'm sure you'll agree that before the crash this car was about as good as it gets, still think I should just crush it?!

PS, I'd like to add that I'd agree with you wholeheartedly if it was a typical 14 year old car, with typical miles and rust and door dings etc etc. I wouldn't have even taken the car home if I didn't know it was worth fixing.
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Ohhhh I'm sorry I thought you were saying it was physically not worth fixing, which I know is wrong because I can do it myself.

It's already totaled, but they let me keep the title clean, it's NJ law over 8 years old no need for a salvage title. That's why its worth fixing.

Now if anyone can help me with my key/shifter problem that'd be great, because I am fixing the car, it's already apart with good silver used parts on order:
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Thanks for the links, gives me some more stuff to look into...

The car was towed away from the scene to the MB dealer, then from the dealer to my house, I haven't tried moving it in P, pretty sure it would be able to move though cause it doesn't feel like it's going into park properly (feels really loose no solid clunk into P). I'll try and look at the linkage I guess I have to remove the console to do that...
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