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1999 E430 Key Won't Come Out & Car Won't Start After Accident

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My E430 was front ended and the car won't start now, key won't come out of the ignition. It really doesn't look like the engine has moved from the impact but thats the only thing I can think of, I need ideas basically, if anyone knows anything I'd love to hear it. I'll post up pics of the damage tomorrow if it helps diagnose it
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First, I am glad your grandfather didn't get hurt in the accident.

Now, why do you worry about the key. It is a 99 model and, looking at it, is probably a total why bother.

Just trying to be realistic.
I wasn't downing your car, fact is that by looking at the pictures the adjuster will total your car. They don't care how nice it was yesterday, the low miles is a factor though.

I guess you can always buy it back for the residual value and fix it with used parts but then you have a car with a salvage title which is worth a lot less then what it cost you to put yours back on the road.

Anyway, really no need to discuss or argue, just wait until the adjuster gives you his/her verdict. They always have the last word.
I did a Google search, look at the two links;

key stuck in ignition - Forums

Key Stuck In Ignition - Stuck In Park - Mercedes Forum - Mercedes Benz Enthusiast Forums

How did you get the car home? I assume you had it towed, if so, can you move it while it is in P? Maybe the shift linkage is unhooked or bent? Is the battery connected since there are electrical as well as mechanical components involved in the interlock system?

I hope this helps you and good luck with your rebuilt.
I would take a look underneath, there is actually a mechanical linkage from the shift tower going to the transmission. Just be safe and use jack stands.
Here in Missouri you will get a Salvage Title and the value went down about 30%, another problem is that some companies will not even sell you liability insurance.

I guess it pays to get a carfax report before buying a used vehicle.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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