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1999 E430 Key Won't Come Out & Car Won't Start After Accident

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My E430 was front ended and the car won't start now, key won't come out of the ignition. It really doesn't look like the engine has moved from the impact but thats the only thing I can think of, I need ideas basically, if anyone knows anything I'd love to hear it. I'll post up pics of the damage tomorrow if it helps diagnose it
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Really sorry to hear of your situation Bob. :( I hope you are ok!

As for your Benz, I would think it has something to do with the shifter interlock. Reading the codes would be my first thought since any programmed function preventing the key removal should show up in the OBDII codes.

I did find this via a quick Google search, may be related ... or not.

The coaxial cable from the gear lever had popped out. Apparently a safety feature to ensure that the doors unlock in an accident. An auto electrician took less than 5 minutes to correct the fault and no tools are needed. You simply lift the gear lever and surrounding fascia which reveals the cable on the right of the lever which I can now do myself if it ever happens again! Forums - View Single Post - Key FOB stuck in ignition - 2007 C180
Thanks for the links, gives me some more stuff to look into...

The car was towed away from the scene to the MB dealer, then from the dealer to my house, I haven't tried moving it in P, pretty sure it would be able to move though cause it doesn't feel like it's going into park properly (feels really loose no solid clunk into P). I'll try and look at the linkage I guess I have to remove the console to do that...
I'll check on the things you asked earlier in a little bit here (starting, shifting, etc.).

One thing about the Benz design is that the drivetrain is set up to separate from the vehicle if the force is great enough. The motor mounts and transmission mount will tear loose (it does take quite a bit, but it will happen) so as not to penetrate the passenger compartment. This is relevant because the pictures show the car took a pretty decent hit square on the nose, which likely shifted the drivetrain and perhaps damaged the mounts. If the shift linkage fails to line up, you may think you are putting the transmission in park, but it is not quite there.

Just a thought.
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