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1999 E320
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1999 E320 sedan with 114,000 miles.

Quick rundown of the problem we have.

I guess my dad's car was leaking a small amount of transmission fluid every now and then. He would just refill it as needed ... (probably should've got it checked out.:

On day when we came out of the grocery store, CEL went on in our car and the car will only shift through 1st and 2nd gear and had Leaked quarts of transmission fluid.

Is the transmission possibly done for? Could it be electrical, but the transmission fluid leak concerns me?

What do most shops charge to read the CEL on a Mercedes?


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Go down to the W210 forum below

You will get more feedback by posting on the regular W210 forum further down in the forum.

I would not advise driving car until you know "where" the leak is coming from.

That is best done up on a lift, removing bottom protecive panels.

One common source of leaks can be a $15 connector plug in the tranny which is easy to replace, however if hat was the source of the leak and it has been ongoing, the fluid actually wicks up the tranny to another component called the conductor plate. However, this normally would not be the source of a volume leak.

The other source of tranny fluid leaks can be the failure of one of the connections in the tranny fluid lines that run up to the front of the car for cooling.

However, a general note I don't know "how" you were refilling the transmission on the car, since it doesn't have a dipstick as standard equipment - and any refilling should have been done with a correct measuring dipstick, and any top off should have been ONLY with correct MB transmission fluid only.

The leak needs to be identified and fixed. The $15 connector plug replaced with updated plug, and part of the repair might involve checking the conductor plate for replacement.

In the end all the fluid should be drained, a new tranny filter installed, and the correct level of fluid put into the tranny, which is a precise (and not a seat of the pants) procedure.

Good luck !
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