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1999 clk 430 brake job PLEASE HELP

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hey guys im plannin on doin my rear brakes tmrw or saturday and really need some help. first of all i need the torque settings for the lug nuts and the bolts holding the rotors cause il be changing those to. il also be bleedin the brakes and put some fresh fluid in hopin it wont be to hard, but if anybodys got any tips please il be more than happy to hear them, and if anybody can get those torque specs thad be awesome..thank-guys
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You might want to take a look at the DIYs in the 210 forum both for brake replacement and flushing, same setup.

Rotors are really held on by the 80 lb/ft lug bolts although there is a little countersunk set screw in each one.

Hardest part of the job will be removing the rotors, they tend to weld themselves to the hubs.

Also, look closely at the caliper bolts before you start loosening them, at least one member separated his calipers and leaked fluid by loosening the wrong ones. ;)

Not a tough job, nice satisfaction to save all the labor charges.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
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