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1999 clk 430 brake job PLEASE HELP

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hey guys im plannin on doin my rear brakes tmrw or saturday and really need some help. first of all i need the torque settings for the lug nuts and the bolts holding the rotors cause il be changing those to. il also be bleedin the brakes and put some fresh fluid in hopin it wont be to hard, but if anybodys got any tips please il be more than happy to hear them, and if anybody can get those torque specs thad be awesome..thank-guys
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Welcome to the Forum. Well on brake lugs just tighten em hard no torque setting, just be careful after putting in the new fluid because your brakes gonna have bunch of air, so you have to air them down if you know how to do that, or take it to the closest shop to air them down, because in other case your brakes gonna be bad.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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