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I know I am drudgeing up old threads, [8)]
But I could not find any clear answers from my search.

I just got my 1999 w202 C280. The Bose system sounds nice... but I cannot stand the retardation of not having an indash CD player... were they too booshie to have one??

Anywho, plenty of nice info on here.

So from what I understand is that
1. the stock bose HU puts out a 20watt signal?? (kinda high, but believable)
2. 2ohm Speakers..... [B)]

Err... I have a Pyle HU (DVD, mp3, wma, mp4, m4p, aac) w/o monitor.

I still need to get a seprate monitor. Is there a dash kit for 2 single dinns, or will it be easier to just dremmel? (I am really good with a dremmel)
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