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My daughter has a 1999 C230- about 105k miles. Gets P0302 code and rough engine. She can clear code (requires restarting engine). Engine is now smooth and CEL stays off (no code) until she accelerates hard ("changes lanes") again, sometimes longer. She's changed plugs, flushed injectors. Dealer wants to flush tank. Could it be MAF? Anything else to test, check or replace?

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TsDad just had this happen past 60 days , disconect the battery (positive side) then reconnect. ya you have to reset all your radio stations but it will also reset computer. If problem still occurs "MAS".
Also check your air filter as simple as it sounds the air flow is sesitive and will bog when kicking into overdrive.
owned my C230 for 140k now and that was the first major problem. If your a bit of a machanic do it yourself. MAS is about $375.U.S. and MB will take that to about $575 at the dealer.
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