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1999 C230, manual transmission compatibility

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After driving my newly acquired 92 300D for a few months, the one thing that I really don't like is the transmission. It shifts firm and not when I would like it to. Nothing is wrong with it, it just kicks my ass.

So, I would like to put a new(different) tranny in. Would a manual 5 speed from a 1999 C230 fit? If so what modifications would be necessary? Would it just bolt on?

How about an auto tranny from a 2000 E430? Compatibility issues? Electronic?

Thanks for input.
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I always hated the 722.4 transmission in my 602 sedan, but my problem was the inconsistent kickdown function. Sometimes it would automatically downshift when I floored it, and sometimes it wouldn't. I got used to just manually downshifting for nearly a year. I later swapped in a good low mileage rebuilt 722.3 and I couldn't be happier.

Both the quality of the shifts (modulator) and timing of the upshifts (bowden cable) can be adjusted. I recently rehabbed the shift characteristics of a 722.4 in a 123 chassis by replacing both those items, and then adjusting them according to specs. The results were like night and day. Well worth your time and expense.
What does the 722.3 shift like? Smooth like a W210 or what? People tell me my tranny shifts to hard--it's getting embarrassing.
you need to check your modulator.

I've heard the 722.6 is an excellent trans, but it requires computer management.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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