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1999 C230, manual transmission compatibility

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After driving my newly acquired 92 300D for a few months, the one thing that I really don't like is the transmission. It shifts firm and not when I would like it to. Nothing is wrong with it, it just kicks my ass.

So, I would like to put a new(different) tranny in. Would a manual 5 speed from a 1999 C230 fit? If so what modifications would be necessary? Would it just bolt on?

How about an auto tranny from a 2000 E430? Compatibility issues? Electronic?

Thanks for input.
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The reason most people don't like the MB manual transmission is because most of the bushings in the shifter linkage are old, squishy and cracked. Installing a delrin shifter bushing kit in my W201 made a huge difference. More direct, less force, less notch. When you get into a gear theres zero play in the shifter. I'm never going back to the MB slushbox.
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