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Hi guys, just thought I would share my restoration process with you. I have just bought this v280 and it has the following issues:

Air suspension not working
Red Cog light on dashboard
Paint fading
Leather badly worn
Door panels broken
Door release flaps broken
Very very dirty inside.
Alot of unknowns...

I will take pictures along the way to keep you updated with how I repaired the above issues.

I have the car booked for an MOT so I must start straight away.

If you wish to add any ideas or would like to know more just email me.

BTW steer clear of A406 northbound today...its hurrendous!


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you don't say what colour..... if its Ravenna (peachy yellow) it was discontinued due to fading --- mine can be t-cut and fades back in a fortnight.

aftermarket paint seems to keep its colour better (autopaint etc)

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Hi Malcom, if your paint is fading use compund 3000 and a buffer. If its raining even better! use tcut and applying it in the rain. After 1 day /2 re-t cut with a buffer and bobs your uncles best friend.

Ok today I got the MOT !!!!

I have wahed the outside and inside, water in the electric, bat dead because air suspension light on all night and whil,st cleaning boot light on. Car looks much better.

New prob SRS light on dash now, air suspension light on and not red cod (limp) mode.

I have a problem, stripped out compressor- no visual faults, no noise and no fuse still low.

I understand that there maybe 3 fuses on air compressor. Where are they located.

Also how do you remove the yellow and blue pipes as wellas the bick black one?


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Update - Air Suspension

Ok guys-Im seriously tired now...heres the drill so far:

Suspension (Air)- this was not working at all! Lights all over ther place. Checked all fuses and replaced. Cleaned up the battery area and checcked each cable in the fuse box _All ok. There was a negative earth wire- dont know what its for but I still connected it. I did find however a clear tube that is just laying there. It comes up from the floor into the fuse box area but on the opposite side to the fuse box near the - terminal on battery. It has a back connecvtor on it. I thought it had someting to do with the regulation of the air system but I could not find where or what it should be connected to.

Stripped out the compressor (pics included) and hooked the compressor to 12v and wow it works. Air comes out of black tube that connects to valves. I disconnected the valves and unfortuately broke one of the black clips on the yellow tube. No worry will seal it later.

Pump works and valves work when connected up to 12v battery-allows air into bellow tanks. disconnect and valves close.

I wrigged up a make shift cable that allowed the compressor to work and I maually opened and closed the valves by using my cable. Gues what the CARS LIFTING!!!! thus all my mechanics pertaining to air suspension are working!!

However why is it now working from the dash /system?
Does anyone know what the location is of all fuses to air system?

Anyway I hooked everything back up and carried on working. the car is up but not through the conventional means..I need to look further into it.

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Cleaning Cabin area

Sorry my last post I wrote that suspension is now working from the dash, what I meant to say was that the car is up however nothing operates on the dash relating to the air compression e xcept for the reset button which when depressed mkakes the light flash a couple of times then stays on. inside with pics.

I took all seats tables and scuff guards out as well as heating plastic ends on the floor.

Disconnect the battery the get out the jet wash!

Lightly spray the carpet and ceiling, then get a scubbing brush and a soap solution. I normally make up my own depending on the job. I washed and scrubbed all the floor, door panels, and ceiling.

I then jet washed it all out...the car is wet totally!!!

Now out with the wet and dry hoover and 7 litres of water sucked up all filthy. I redid the greasy areas however I have bleech stain in two small areas that was there before. I will dye this later.

All pannels, ceiling dry and clean. Mop up with a leather and air the car for half a day with an external blower to dry quickly.

Car looks great inside.

One of my door panels on passenger rear is really bad and has broken off. quick tip put hands into recess and your bound to find the fixing clips..I found more than I need.

I will repair the panel over the weekend.

Put everything back, but replace all the fixing screws (blk) with new one looks nice better than rust ones.

I will clean and colonise each chair over the weekend. But the cars looking good.

To come....

Cleaning of the chairs plus restoration
repair of the arms on each chair, their currently just click and not locking.
Dashboard clean /replacemanet of all broken units plus rescrewing in old screws and tighting (avoids travel noise).
Installation of a dvd system
Installation of spot lights interior and strip lighting
on board multimedia system with surround sound.
flat screens for veiwing
2 x 240w plugs for power
CCTV system

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Hi - sounds like your on the same track as me with restoration - mines a v220 with the usual problems - i've got springs now instead of the air suspension - my interior is still not as clean as i'd like it but i've managed to sort some of the interior trim with new plastic clips although some bits just don't want to clip back into place easily.
I've managed to get my interior lights coming on when the door opens now though - it was simply a multiplug under the dash that had come adrift.
I'll be keeping an eye on your thread to see how your getting on

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The clear tube into the battery area that you mention is a breather for the battery. OEM battery had a plastic vent, onto which the pipe you refer would be pushed to ensure that acid fumes do not corrode the area under the seat.

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thanks for the feed back guys

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. I think these cars are relatively very expensive driving. for the comments about the interior lights..tip wash the lenses and the backlight(silver) they will shine brighter and consistent with each other.

I have finally finished the suspension pain and the compressor is now kicking in as and when...phew!! If anyones interested I have made a manual overide system complete with plugs where you can manually set the suspension from the dash. Costs £54 + vat. This should overcome any issues pertaining to suspension/compressor/relay/fuses. Takes 10 mins to install.

The new problem is now the heating. Was fine 1 minute, after a 3 hr drive in solid traffic during the strike it stopped working. I dont need a large fridge at the momment in this weather!

Checked the threads and hay presto save yourself some time.

stripped out the motor behind the glove box...lengthy explanation but if you want it let me know.
Take out the motor, remove casing and remove brushes. clean them and clean the motor spindle.
Back together again and its all working. Save £400 on a new motor.

The interior has come out a treat..I have washed and srubbed everything then I repainted the setats. Feeding them with leather looks brand new.

Door panel...really bad...spent £8.99 at Halfords and got fibreglass. Rebuilt the pannels using plywood as a templated backing and rebuilt plus new clips. All good and glean.

Mines only done 64k...but new problem.

Every morning having to add water? noticed it recently. Put 2 kettle loads of water in the other morning equivalent to 3.2ltrs. Water and cap looks clean. I have bought radiator sealer but have not put it in yet just observing for now. Suspected headgasket? no preformance degredation and heater is brilliantly hot whenever I need it. I have noticed small dropplets of water out of the exhaust tailpipe. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Also the steering pumps making a horrible noise lately. I checked the resivour in the front with the screw cap blackin colour with ATF on it and its full. Any help?

Also how do you guys put images on this site ?

have a good day until next time
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