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Seriously, though, when the "creak" gets going after it's warm, there can be nobody in the car, and you can hear it if you push down on the fender. Something under there is noisy, dunno what it is. Like a creak/groan/pop kind of sound. Might be those subframe bolts everybody says cause this problem, I should get them checked. Hard to get to without a lift. It only does it when the car is warm and you've been driving for awhile.
I have the same issue with the squeak when warm/hot. There are no lub points on the rear suspension. My indy says, after a drive, the bushings may squeak a little.

I found a really effective DYI solution. Turn the radio up to "made in Japan" and the squeak goes away!:D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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