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1998 SL500 Pano
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*** Price Reduction ***

Hello Everyone,

Up for sale is my fully-loaded r129 Silver 1998 SL 500 with Panoramic Roof, polished AMG staggered rims, HID lighting and side airbags. I have owned the car for the last year, and have driven it about 4,500 miles, bringing the total up to 113,172. It has several upgrades, including:

Polished 18" AMG Rims - Originally they were painted silver, but I had them remanufactured to remove any distortions and had them polished at that time - they are coated in clear coat you can wax, there is no chrome to peel off or flake - absolutely no curb rash is present, they look 100% new

Burlwood Shifter

Chrome Shift Surround (from Silver Arrow)

Chrome Gauge Surrounds

LED Illuminated Instrument Cluster in Hyper White LEDs

LED light upgrades to all interior lights to Hyper White LEDs

Custom Wooden Tambour from an S600

I just had the 96k and 108k service completed, which included:

Lube hinges and latches on doors and hood
check all vacuum hoses and fittings
check fuel system for leaks - cap, lines, hoses
check brakes - front and rear
check exhaust system
check automatic transmission fluid level and condition
check differential oil level
check belts and hoses
check crankcase vent system
check front and rear shocks
check tire wear and pressure, rotate as needed
check steering ans suspension components
check all underhood fluid levels
check drive shaft bolts and center support check all lights
Replace cabin air filter

Records can be provided for all service work performed. I also replaced the catalytic converters and all 4 oxygen sensors when the catalytic discs began to break down and rattle, this typically happens after about 100,000 miles.

Everything else on the car is in perfect working order. The convertible top lowers and raises smoothly, although I rarely use it as I like the more modern look of the panoramic hard top. There are a few cosmetic flaws, including a small tear next to the tambour as you can see in the picture below, a small tear in the rear window of the convertible top that I have repaired with a clear patch per the advice on this forum, and the stitching between the two bottom panels of the drivers seat is unstitched for a few inches - not noticeable when driving, the seat still works fine, but it could easily be repaired at any auto upholstery store. You may see this in the pictures below. You can also see a small mark on the top part of the driver's door upper panel. Finally, there is a small scratch on the outside of the panoramic roof, not noticeable without close inspection or from inside the car - I tried to capture it with the camera but it is too faint.

I still have all the original pieces I replaced with the added accessories, including the original leather-wrapped shifter, non-chrome gate surround, and leather/plastic tambour. I will also include the original 16 spoke Mercedes rims with tires mounted which the buyer can have to restore the car back to factory. The current tires are 245 Capitol Sports on the front and 265 Fuzion ZRIs on the back. Both sets were installed at ~110,000 miles and are in excellent condition.

Before purchasing the car I had a pre-purchase inspection completed which found no problems other than a damaged steering damper, which I replaced. Since purchase no major repairs have been required other than replacing the catalytic converters and O2 sensors. There is no check engine light on and it runs perfectly. For full disclosure, AutoCheck is reporting that the vehicle was in an accident in the past, the dealer I bought it from reported that it had been in a minor accident. I cannot verify this as the car had no evident damage when I purchased it and nothing was detected on the pre-purchase inspection. I can provide the AutoCheck report if requested.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. The panoramic top makes the car, and although it took over a year to find a car equipped with one it was well worth it. It is currently located in Charlottesville, VA, about 2 hours from DC.


Thanks for looking,


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